A bit of culture by visiting the most popular museums, buildings of the Capital

Most Popular Museums

  • Magritte Museum (Museum of Fine Arts)
    Check this page that includes his bio, over 15 of his works, exclusive articles about Magritte, as well as his up-to-date exhibitions. https://www.artsy.net/artist/rene-magritte.com

  • Belvue Museum – Next to the Royal Palace where everything began….the only museum that reveals the particularly fascinating history of Belgium.
  • Musical Instruments Museum – the biggest collection of instruments in the world.
  • Bozar – Erected by the architect and master of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta, it is the centre of cultural and artistic life.
  • The Cinquantenaire Park, including the Art and History Museum, is divided into several sections: national archeology, antiquity, non-European civilisations and European decorative arts and the Royal Museum of Army and Military History, where around a hundred thousands items (weapons, uniforms and armour) can be discovered, making it one of the world’s largest military museums.

  • Basilica of Koekelberg – The fifth largest church in the world and the largest Art Deco edifice ever built.